Market overview Asia-Pacific

The gateway to Asia

Hong Kong's undisputed advantage is its central location on the south coast of China. No other country is so closely linked with the prospering Asian market. Its status as a special economic zone also means the metropolis is to a large extent autonomous. In fact, the city is said to be the freest economy worldwide. This makes Hong Kong one of the most relevant import markets for Europe, America and the Pacific region.

The export numbers also confirm economic importance of the Asian metropolis. In 2015 the Hong Kong's export volume totaled up to 500 billion US dollars. Most of the exports go to China and other Asian states.

Hong Kong as distribution center

As Hong Kong has hardly any industry of its own, almost all the consumer goods required must be imported. Quality goods and premium products are imported mainly from Europe, the USA and Japan. The main supplier of low-cost articles is China. Hong Kong acts as a central trading platform and many of the imports are re-exports for other countries.

Consumption capital in China

With an average Gross Domestic Product of more than 42,390 US dollars per head, the people of Hong Kong really enjoy spending money.


Gross Domestic Product
(in billion US dollars


Shopping is one of the favourite pastimes there. In 2014 Hong Kong achieved economic growth of 2.5 %. This makes Hong Kong Asia’s consumption capital.

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