Australia may well be the smallest of the seven continents with an area of around 7.7 million km² - but it is the sixth-largest country on earth. Over 23.2 million people populate especially coastline cities and the region around Perth. A moderate population increase and a relatively high share (17.8 %) of children under the age of 14 make Australia a popular destination market for toys and games.

Steady conditions and record growth rates

Australia’s economy has been growing for 26 years straight. A low inflation rate paired with a stable financial system provide ideal conditions for international trade. No other nation can offer such a stable economic climate. The gross domestic product in 2017 totalled around US$ 1.39 trillion. The high buying power of Australians and low import restrictions for products and services increase the market’s attractiveness, even for the toy trade.

Entry into the Australian toy market

The Australian toy market is worth approximately US$ 3.7 billion and continues to grow, according to forecasts. The cultural proximity to Europe and English as the official language make entering the Australian toy market a particularly appealing undertaking. Retailers and manufacturers should keep seasonal shifts in mind: the lucrative Christmas season down under always takes place in summer.

Popular toys in Australia

The most popular toys and games in Australia include video games and construction toys as well as puzzles. Digital toys and licenced products are considered the drivers behind the sector’s growth. Tech toys with an educational plus are the most popular. Next to educational games that support creativity and development, Australian parents also seek long-life and unique toys of high quality. Short-lived trend products, on the other hand, are not in great demand.

Toy sales and media

Popular British licenced products often manage to make it to Australia with a certain delay. Children consume the same media and online channels here as they do in Europe. Many parents buy expressly what their children like and are not particularly price-sensitive. Both the brick-and-mortar trade as well as the online retail enjoy solid growth and offer good sales opportunities for toys in Australia.