Market overview Europe

Good economic situation in Europe

503 million people, including 78 million children, live in the European Union (EU), which encompasses an area of more than 4 million km² in 28 member states. The most recent demographic developments show growth in the population. At the same time European society is aging as the post-war baby boom generation is slowly reaching retirement age.

Europe is world export champion

As an active single market, the EU is one of the biggest trading powers worldwide. The European Union advocates sustainable economic growth. Since the accession of 13 new Member States in 2004, the EU’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), i.e. the total value of all goods and services, has exceeded that of the USA. The European GDP in 2015 was € 14.6 billion. The e-commerce volume in Europe currently stands at 18 % but with upward tendency.

Although only 7 % of the world’s population live in the European Union, the EU holds a share of some 20 % of worldwide imports and exports. 2015 the volume of imports added up to € 1,725 Billion and the volume of exports to € 1,789 Billion. 

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