With an area of 543,965 km², France is the largest country in the EU in terms of size. The country has a total population of 67 million. With a large share of 13 million children under the age of 15 and the highest birth rate in Europe at 1.96 children per woman, France is one of the most lucrative markets for toys and games.

France, industrialised nation

France, next to Germany, is the most important industrialised nation in Europe and one of the top ten economies of the world. At US$ 540 billion, it is the sixth-largest import power. In 2017, France recorded an economic growth of 1.9 % and is to continue on this positive path according to forecasts. With its GDP reaching € 2,290 billion, France is far above the European mean.

A falling unemployment rate has a positive impact on household spending. However, there are stark differences in income. Salaries in Paris are clearly higher compared to other regions in France.

France’s toy market

France’s toy market is strong and records sales of between € 3 and 3.5 billion. Market growth is moderate but stable. This is partly due to toys’ indispensability, and partly due to manufacturers placing their bets on higher-priced segments. The growth in sales is thus tied to an increase in the average prices for toys.

The most in-demand toy product groups in France are:

  • soft toys and cuddly toys
  • toys for artistic activities
  • games and puzzles
  • construction toys
  • licenced products
  • pre-school toys


Licences and brands are trending

Business with licenced products is booming in France. In the wake of popular movies and TV series, construction toys, action figures and accessories as well as soft toys have been generating double-digit growth rates over the past years. Demand for established brand products has risen in France. The French are willing to spend more money on good quality and renowned makers. Additionally, innovative products are well-received by consumers.

Distribution via hypermarkets

French toy makers invest a lot in advertising and sales promotions to boost sales. By far the largest share of toys is distributed via the brick-and-mortar retail trade. Even if a slight trend towards e-tailing is emerging, this segment currently makes for only 20 % of sales. The French tend to buy toys in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc are the most important sales channels for toy makers in France.