Great Britain

Great Britain is the largest island within Europe, measuring 243,820 km² in size. Around 66 million people live here. Some 18 % of them are children under the age of 15. Great Britain’s population has been growing and ageing more slowly compared to most EU countries. This has a positive impact on the British toy market.

Economic situation in Great Britain

Great Britain is the second-largest economy in Europe whose 2017 gross domestic product exceeded the £ 2,000 billion-mark (roughly US$ 2,600 billion). The United Kingdom benefits from a strong global demand and at US$ 404 billion, ranks tenth in the list of largest global exporting nations. How strongly these values will change once the UK has left the EU will become evident in the years to come. Brexit will require new trade agreements with the EU.

High-spending Britons

The British are seen as very keen consumers. People enjoy shopping from the convenience of their homes which is beneficial to international mail-order vendors. The British respond strongly to classic advertising and buy products which offer clear benefits. Such benefits include, for example, an attractive price, quality, premium design, brand or environmental-friendliness. In particular, British consumers have a high brand affinity. With the popular “buy-now-pay-later” motto, the British prefer paying by instalments.

UK’s growing toy market

Despite current Brexit negotiations, double-digit growth rates are currently forecast for the toy market in Great Britain. This is due to the spending enthusiasm of the British and the high number of children living in the country. Around 6 % of the population are under the age of five and 11.4 % are aged between six and 14. The strongest growth rates are expected for tech toys. There is a parallel counter-trend to this: the return of traditional toys and the corresponding parents’ attempt to arouse their children’s enthusiasm for non-digital toys. Especially sales for construction toys and blocks are growing in this segment. The use of popular licences for classic toys is boosting this upswing.

Britons buy toys online

The general trend towards e-tailing is equally reflected in toys. In 2017, 36.8 % of all toys were purchased online. This places Great Britain relatively high up in terms of online sales. When it comes to brick-and-mortar retailers, the toy chain Hamleys is considered the most important sales space.