Spain is located to Europe’s south and has an area of 505,990 km². Around 46.3 million people live primarily in the regions along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. In addition to the capital of Madrid, conurbations are located around the cities of Barcelona, Seville and Zaragoza. Overall, Spain’s population is growing slightly.

Economic growth in Spain

Having more or less overcome the economic crisis, Spain finally recorded economic growth of 3.1 % in 2017. Its 2017 gross domestic product totalled around € 1,163 billion. The positive economic situation is connected to Spain’s growing tourism segment.

The spending power of Spaniards equals the European mean. Buying decisions are made especially based on price. Bargain hunters count on products which offer good value for money. Product safety and reliability of vendors equally play an important role here.

Educational and tech toys are the vogue

The general interest in toys is growing and has had a positive impact on toys sales. Parents tend to prefer educational toys and games that promote creativity and logical as well as problem-oriented thinking for children. Next to educational toys, smartphones and tablets play an important role for the toy market. New technologies and technical aspects merge with classic toys and are very popular especially amongst children. Conventional toys are therefore equipped with technical features. Also, gender-neutral toys and licenced products prove to be the trend in Spain.