Market overview Japan

Asia’s leading economic power

Japan is an highly developed industrial nation with 126.9 million inhabitants. It is the third-largest economy in the world after China and the USA. The gross domestic product in 2015 was 4,123 billion USD. That means Asia's leading technological and economic power produced 6.9 % of world income. This comfortable economic situation is only possible beccause of the diversified, highly developed infrastructure as well as the export-oriented economic structure.

Hit by the natural catastrophe

The country was hit hard by the triple catastrophe with earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in March 2011. The country’s balanced economic performance up to that time suddenly collapsed and public debt increased.

Japan remains important trading partner

In spite of the crisis situation, export is essential for Japan. Exports to Asia dropped slightly (3 %) in 2011. The volume of exports to the USA and the Middle East also decreased, but the number of exports to the EU increased by 1.9 %.

In the first half of 2011, imports from Asia rose by 10.4 %, imports from the EU by 9.2 %, and imports from the Middle East by as much as 23.5 %, whereas imports from the USA grew by only 0.2 %. Since 2015 the imports to Japan are slightly declining. The main reason for this development are the ongoing cheap prices for fossil energy sources.

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