To the south of the USA is Mexico with an area of almost two million square kilometres. With a population of around 131.45 million people, it has the highest population density amongst the Spanish-speaking countries in the world. With an average age of 27.53, it is a reasonably young country. The growing life expectancy and high birth rate of 2.15 children per woman make for a medium-range growth in population.

Mexico: progressive emerging country

Mexico currently generates a gross domestic product of US$ 1,144 billion. The share of the population living in poverty continues to decline and can be found predominantly in the rural area. This makes Mexico a progressive emerging country and an attractive partner for imports and exports. Next to USA, exports to Asia and Europe especially are growing.

Buying behaviour of Mexicans

Education and good jobs are slowly becoming more relevant. In connection with this, experts anticipate that income levels will grow in the future which will most likely increase Mexicans’ willingness to spend. This trend is already apparent in the consumer habits of the Mexican upper class. Like many industrialised nations, they greatly value quality products and increasingly pay attention to ecological aspects when buying.

Mexican toy market grows dramatically

At around 15 %, Mexico produced the fastest growth for a toy industry by international comparison during the first half in 2018 – a result of the country’s slight economic growth in combination with higher available income by the population segment with children, which makes up a considerable 27 %. Mexico’s toy sales annually peak on Epiphany (6 January); at Christmas, and on 30 April, the Mexican Day of the Child.

Construction toys reported the strongest growth rates in Mexico. The interest of seven to twelve-year old children focuses on construction toys, toys for outdoor activities, educational toys, board games and licenced products. The most popular licenced toys are action figures and accessories.

Brick-and-mortar retail trade as principal sales channel for toys

In Mexico, most toys continue to be sold through the brick-and-mortar retail trade. Mexican consumers favour modern shopping malls. The strongest-selling channel for the distribution of toys is the food trade. The second highest sales rates are generated via general stores.