The United States of America are the third largest country in the world, covering an area of 9,857,306 square kilometres. It has a population of 319 million people in total of which over 80 % live in urban agglomerations. As a typical country of immigration, USA record an ongoing growth in population. With 1.87 children per woman, its birth rate is above that of the European mean.

USA: world’s largest economy

The economy of the United States of America is booming and reaches annual growth of around 3 %. Consequently, the USA by itself generate almost one fifth of the annual global income and are considered the strongest economic power in the world. Its 2017 gross domestic product totalled around US$ 19.4 trillion. With an import volume that reached US$ 2.35 trillion in 2017, USA are the world’s biggest importer and simultaneously its second-largest exporter.

High-spending Americans

The US labour market is recovering from the economic crisis at the end of 2010 in solid strides and recorded unemployment figures of less than 5 % in 2016 and 2017. At the same time, growing wages and low interest rates have led to higher spending. Private consumer spending makes up almost 70 % of the gross domestic product in the United States.

World’s largest toy market

The American toy industry generates sales worth US$ 27 billion each year. During the first half-year in 2018, the sector grew by a further 7 %. According to forecasts, this trend is expected to continue. Around 95 % of toy retailers and manufacturers are small companies that benefit from a steady consumer demand for new products. Because of this, start-ups and international toy makers in particular stand a good chance when entering the American toy market.

The largest growth driver is toys in the lower and mid-end price segment between US$ 5.00 and US$ 19.99. Robots and interactive toys are very popular amongst American children. Consequently, electronic toys recorded the highest growth at 43 %. Dolls are the second-largest growth category in the toy segment. Fashion dolls and collector’s dolls are in high demand. Other collector’s toys are trending not only for children, but also adult Americans.

E-tailing on the rise

Toys sold in USA through brick-and-mortar retailing are distributed via specialist retailers and renowned wholesale chains. Typical names here include departments stores like Walmart or Target. Following the insolvency of ToysRUs, these chains continue to expand their toy segment. Still, e-tailing is gaining ground. Fast and budget-friendly opportunities are ideal to get a foot into the American toy market through exporting.