Market overview North America

USA – The world economic power

With a Gross Domestic Product of 51,704 billion US dollars (as of 2012), the USA produces some 20% of the annual world income. The reasons for this include the large domestic market and an economic and financial system characterized by free trade and entrepreneurial initiative. The greatest share (around 67 %) of North American GDP is generated by the services sector.

Nominal Gross Domestic Product
(in billion USD)

(Source: Foreign Office)

The USA is the world’s largest importer. The United States was also the second largest exporter behind China in 2014. The main recipients of exported goods in 2015 were China, Canada,Mexico, Japan and Germany. Furthermore the USA is one of the pioneers of e-commerce. Revenues from e-commerce are expected to increase again.



The population of the economic power USA has meanwhile reached 321.6 million (2015). 20% of them are children and young people. Another rise in the population is predicted.

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