Toy market Russia

The Russian market for children's goods

Experts talk of stable growth rates for the Russian market for kids' products. The toy industry is supposed to weather the actual crisis, especially because the declining of the GDP already slows down. Enormous potential for the next years is created by the increasing number of births as well as the growing wellbeing. The newborn toys segment is seen as the most promising one.


Spending on children's goods

The potential of the Russian toy market is enormous and will grow further in the future. If you compare the spendings for toys in Russia you can see a clear difference between Moscow and the rest of the country and between urban and rural areas. In the cities Russian parents spend about RUB 460 (14.3 US $) per month for toys whereas in rural areas the spedings are about RUB 170 (5.3 US $) per month. With some 10.5 million inhabitants, approx. 25 % more is spent on toys in Moscow than anywhere else in the country. The key customers for toys are parents with children aged between 3 to 6 years (45.3 %).

Toys are bought in specialist shops

The modern forms of retail trade and the establishment of trading chains are developing dynamically in Russia. Currently toys are mainly bought in specialized children shops (38 %) and bazaars (31 %). Supermarkets and so-called hypermarkets generate about 19 percent of total sales. E-Commerce now has become a trend in Russia. Especially in the megapolises Moswcow and St. Petersburg already 28 percent of the parents buy toys online. The development in rural regions is not yet that advanced but future growth is expected.

Factors in the choice of toys

Safety is top priority when deciding to buy children’s toys in Russia. But the quality of toys is also becoming increasingly important. Furtermore there is an increasing leadership of well-known brands as well as licensed toys recognizable. Overall a trend for interactive games is noticable, which changes the structure of the toy market off from traditional games.