Argentina covers an area of 2.78 million square kilometres on the east coast of South America. Of its some 43.6 million inhabitants, 87 % live in cities. Mountainous regions and lowland areas are rather sparsely populated.

Largest economy amongst the Spanish-speaking countries in South America

Argentina’s gross domestic product in 2017 was approximately US$ 638 billion. This makes the country the largest economy amongst the Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Argentina maintains good trading links with Brazil, its neighbour to the north, and is benefiting from the economic upturn in Brazil. The country is seeing increased export, import and investment activity because of this. Private consumption is expected to grow given rising salaries and pensions.

Growth in the market for toys and games in Argentina

The rising propensity to consume is having a positive effect on many consumer goods markets in Argentina. The government introduced a licensing system for imported products in 2016 and this has also produced positive effects for multinational toy companies. Besides licensed goods, toys aimed specifically at boys or girls are popular in Argentina. Colour schemes are particularly used to appeal to the respective target group.

Online purchases are increasing

Argentinians prefer to purchase toys from physical stores. Argentina has a total of 3,500 traditional toy stores. However, growth in online sales has been evident in recent years. Communication in social networks and on YouTube in particular majorly influences how Argentinians buy. Because of this, online toy retailing is expected to grow.