Toy market South America

South America’s growth market

The toy market in Brazil is marked by constant growth. The reason for this is mainly the share of imported goods, which has increased almost five-fold within five years. Especially international players are dominating the market. For the near future a moderate growth is expected.

Market volume for toys


(national production; in million BRL)


(imported toys; in million BRL)


Although the Brazilian domestic production is of rather minor importance, Brazil exported toys worth about 45 million US dollars in 2008. The main customers were Latin American countries like Paraguay, Argentina or Mexico and the USA. The exports were primarily wooden toys and dolls; the latter account for about 30 % of total Brazilian toy production.

Retailing in Brazil

Compared to Europe and the US, toy retailing is more fragmented in Brazil. International players are hard to find until now. Sales through traditional toy stores account 32 % on the Brazilian market, followed by department stores with 13 %. Variety stores like Americanas amount for 11 %. Internet retailing is growing and has reached a 9 % share in 2011. In 2016 e-commerce is supposed to generate 22 billion US dollar.

When are toys bought?

The National Children’s Day on 12 October and Christmas are the most important dates for the Brazilian toy trade. 70 percent of the total annual sales are generated at these two times.